I have a new baby an three kittens how can I deal with the kitten crazyes an maken them stay out of her things Plz help

The one kitten is 5months and the twins are 3months our baby is 3weeks

Asked by Member 1153549 on Feb 4th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Angel Buddha

Provide your kittens a few things of their own that they will like playing with better than your baby's things. Get a sisal wrapped carpeted cat tree. Cats love these and will play for hours on them. My cats also love a toy called the Turbo Scratcher. The cardboard center encourages the cat to scratch it. The toy has a ball on a track that runs around the outside edge & the cats love to bat the ball around the track & even play their own version of ping pong where two cats bat the ball back and forth in the track.

I raised 3 children with cats & dogs. When the kids were babies & toddlers the cats would sometimes sleep beside them in the crib but otherwise chose to stay out of the way & out of reach of the kids. Pets are much like small children in that they need adult supervision. You have to supervise child-pet interactions & teach the child how to be gentle with a pet.

NEVER leave a baby, particularly a young baby, unsupervised with a dog even for a moment!

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