i have a kitten who is six weeks old. she constantly likes to bite me.not reel hard but hard enough. i didnt do anything

hard enough even when we are not playing,and her ears go flat i can be sitting still and she still bites. and wont quit

Asked by Member 1070610 on Nov 14th 2011 in Aggression
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That sounds like the normal behavior of kittens when they play with their littermates. Six weeks is kind of young to have been separated from her Mom and litter and this is part of the reason. They need time to get that out of their system in the right way with other kittens and for their Mom to teach them when to stop. I would buy her a pet-safe stuffed toy that is about the same size as her and when she does this, offer her the toy instead. NEVER use your hands or feet to play with her because they do not know the difference of when it is ok and you need to teach her it is never ok. When you play with her, use cat toys you can toss for her or things like feathers on a stick where your hands are never in contact with her so she will learn that hands are not for biting.

Allie answered on 11/14/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Yeah,it is pretty normal for a kitten that age. I know that all of my cats went through that stage when they were youngsters. I agree that you should get her a soft toy that's about the same size as she is and when she gets in that aggressive mode give her the toy to beat up so that she is distracted and doesn't turn her aggression towards you. I think that she is seeking attention/ interaction with you because she sees you as her parent or sibling.

Member 272061 answered on 11/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer