I have a cat who is about 13 years old and while brushing him yesterday, I found a bump under his fur.

At first I thought it was a tick but it wasn't. It looks like an elevated bump with tiny bug egg shaped lumps in a circle no larger than the diameter of 1cm. The egg looking lumps are linked end to end in a circle and the centre looks like an injury. I used a cutip with water to clean it gently, but my cat is painfully bothered by touch to the area. My brother and I took the cat to the vet and he said it was an external skin tumor and needs to be surgically removed. My brother's gf says that she's seen it before and people have had the tumor on their pets frozen and cut off and they both want to do it themselves. I don't like the idea and don't want them to do it. They are going to get the drugs online and do the surgery themselves. They do not have the education or the experience. Are skin tumors (internal.external) cancerous? Is there another alternative to surgery? What are the risks involved in performing the removal at home? My brother won't listen to me; please help!

Asked by Member 656356 on Jul 17th 2008 Tagged tumors in Skin Problems
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