I have a cat that won't go outside and pees around the house.

I have recently acquired two cats. One is happy to go outside but not the other. I want to get rid of the litter tray but I can't until he conquers his fear especially as he pees around the house. Even if I do get him out, he comes back in still needing the litter tray. HELP. He stays under my daughter's bed most of the time only coming out to feed. These two cats were together before I got them from a good home.

Asked by Member 1092608 on Feb 16th 2012 Tagged fears, outside, soiling in Fears & Phobias
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I have to question whether you got these cats from a "good" home, because if you did, they certainly wouldn't have given their cats to you! What kind of responsible cat owner are you? Not all cats go outside and, of course, the cat will want to use the litter pan. You are just lazy and cheap! My neighbor does the same thing because she can't afford cat litter and the neighbors all feed her cat. No wonder the cat pees all around the house. He is very confused. He's in a new environment and doesn't know what to do and is obviously trying to tell you he isn't happy! He's scared and that is why he stays under your daughter's bed. Why don't you do your cats a favor and find them a new home or take them to a no-kill shelter. I'll pray for them both! You certainly don't deserve them if you can't even clean a litter box.

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It is understandable that this poor cat hides, as he obviously does not feel safe in his new environment. If you do not wish to have a litterbox in your house, then you should also not have cats in your house. These cats must be very confused, even the one that you say is "happy" to go outside. Cats are not dogs, and it is not reasonable to expect that they will behave like dogs. It is not safe to send your cats outside, and your cat's fear is completely understandable and warranted.

The behavior that seems to need changing in this situation is yours, not either of the cats. You need to be more patient in helping them through the difficult transition to a new home and a new family, and you need to get over the notion that cats should go outside to do their business. Provide a safe, private, indoor area and a clean litterbox, and stop expecting so much out of your cats. You'll have happier cats and a happier home.

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Izadore (Izzie)

I agree with the other posters. I know you probably think we're being harsh and judgemental, but as someone who's tried to plant flowers in a flowerbed that the neighbor's cat has used for a litterbox, I am a big fan of cats using litterboxes INSIDE. Not all cats need to go outside. None of my cats do. There are too many "unknowns" outside like nasty dogs and other cats, coyotes, cars, people who hate cats and put poison out for them or catch them and torture/kill them, etc. Litter trays are gross. I know that as I have 3. It's just a part of cat ownership.Can your daughter help with the cleaning? Wear rubber gloves and a mask if you have to. Cats will use cheap litter as well as the expensive stuff and they don't care. If your cat is peeing "around the house", he is most likely stressed out by your trying to toss him outside when he doesn't want to go. I had a cat who tore through screens to get out and if she'd been an inside cat, she'd still be alive.Please reconsider the box thing!

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