I have a cat and my Vet seems to think it is a Snowshoe breed. Can Snowshoe cats have long hair?

My cat, Julia, was found in a tree when she was a little kitten in October 2007. My Niece seems to think it was a month old when she found the cat. That will make her about 9 months old. She looks like a long haired Siamese with white feet and white spots on each side of her nose. Her behavior is much like a Snowshoe but she is more aggressive then the Bios I read.

Asked by Member 639722 on Jun 1st 2008 in Snowshoe
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According to Wikipedia, the Snowshoe is a short haired cat that originated with the cross-breeding between a Siamese and a bicolor American Shorthair cat. Apparently long haired Snowshoe variants exist, but a long haired Siamese-looking cat with white feet could point to a Birman or a Ragdoll, and a long-haired colorpoint cat to a Himalayan, but it's most likely that your cat is a mix between one of these breeds with a domestic short/medium/long hair than that it is purebred. Vets are often not the best judges of cat breeds; for that, you should consult a cat show judge. They determine breed largely by the head shape, ear placement, body shape and bone structure, color, and other physical breed standards, rather than by personality. You could try entering her in a CFA or TICA cat show in the Household Pet category to see what a professional cat show judge thinks.

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