I have a bobtail kitten (6 months old and is almost 7 lbs.) She is supposed to be a Manx but seems Am. Bobtail?

Her body is longer, she clicks and trills when excited. Her tail is thick and strong. She is rough and doesn't run like a rabbit. When picked up by grandchildren, she goes completely limp. She love to try to take off my jewelry. My daughter's kitten is from the same litter and is orange and is the same way. All pictures of American Bobtails look more like them than Manx. The breeder was very vague about them and I thing just said what he thought we wanted to hear. We got no papers and didn't ask to see them.

I could send a picture if you sent a place for me to send it to.

Asked by Member 1153563 on Feb 4th 2013 in Breeds
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