I have a 8 month old male tabby and he has been missing for two days.

Is it normal for male cats to disappear like this? I have searched the whole neighbourhood but he is nowhere to be found. He usually went outside but would always return in a couple of hours. Will he come back?
I am really worried about him. There are other bigger male cats in the neighbourhood.

Asked by Member 1087337 on Jan 26th 2012 Tagged missingcat, male, disappear in Loss of a Pet
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Unfortunately it's normal for any indoor-outdoor cat to go missing from time to time, especially unneutered males over the age of 6 months, and especially in bad weather. Sometimes they come back on their own but of course they can be taken by another person or meet an untimely end at any time while they are loose outside, so no one can say for certain when or if he might come back.

To make it easier for him to find home you can put out familiar scents- his usual food, dirty laundry of his favorite people, even his used litter could help him recognize home. You can also call to him the way you normally would to feed him or offer pets, a little louder but with the same tone.

You can recruit neighbors to help you watch for him. You should also report him missing to nearby animal control offices and shelters in case someone brings him in. If you do find him keep in mind he may have contracted all sorts of diseases or parasites and could do with a vet visit.

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