I have a 4.5 month old kitten. I can't seem to get him out of the biting phase!! Help! Tried everything , I think???

I've tried telling him off verbally, hissing in his face, locking him in the bedroom for time out, and putting him on the floor away from me and ignoring him! If I tell him off he bites down harder ! He's great and affectionate in every other way but sometimes the affection can turn quickly into a bite on the face!

Asked by Member 1104894 on Apr 9th 2012 in Behavior & Training
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I honestly when thru the same thing with Buddy when he was young. I was just about to give him up because I didn't know how to make him stop!
I think at this age they are just trying to find their "place" with us so they're seeing how much we'll take. The only thing that worked for me was when he bit me, I would stick my index finger down his throat and say "NO BITE"! After gagging him a couple of times, it got so all I had to do was stick that finger in front of his face and say "NO BITE" and he'd back off. He's 11 mos now and still will ocassionaly try to bite when playing rough, but it truly did the trick as far as the biting for no reason. I tried all the things you mentioned as well but the only thing that worked was the "finger".

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Most importantly, never play with your hands with him. Used "hands off" type toys like feathers on a stick or a laser toy. Do not put your face near him when giving him affection until he is older and can learn the correct behavior. A larger pet safe stuffed toy should be substituted for your body parts immediately when he is playing rough and biting. This is normal play with their littermates and he needs to be taught that YOU are not his littermate. 4 1/2 months old is just a baby so he's just learning and you need to be consistent with his training. He doesn't know any better until you show him the right way to behave. Not with yelling or punishment. That just makes him scared of you and not the bad behavior. You need to show him the way you want him to act. No hands, no feet, no hands under blankets. Never any direct contact play until he learns right from wrong. Good luck!!

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You got a adolescent on your hands. Try wearing him out with cat toys. Laser lites (don't shine it directly in his eyes) are good as inneractive toys. Plus you can sit on your butt while they get out their yaw yaws. Real fur cheapo mice with rattles inside are great when you are around and when your not. Some cats even embarrass themselves by bringing it back to you so you'll throw it again. Prepare to get the six pack these mice tend to hide in the weirdest places to escape your little predator. I found in my toothpaste cup before. One that can't get away is cheap, safe and even gets Persian cats to look. (Look not move) its a wire with cardboard tubes on it. Its called a CAT DANCER. Either way a pooped cat would rather take a nap on your lap rather than take a nip off Your lip. I thought my Cat was
hilarious when he wanted to play animal planet. Kinda likea 5yr old trying to wrestle . So I bought a puppet . Cats hiss back so be kind to kitty

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I have been trying EVERYTHING to keep my cat from biting especially since one of my roommates just brought a 6 week old kitten into our home and my cat has FIV so he REALLY can't bite. What works for me is sticking my finger down his throat when he bites me, or bopping him on the nose, not hard, just hard enough to make him think twice. He still gives me love bites occasionally when I'm petting him, but he's only a year old and was a stray for a majority of his life so far. And it seems to be working fairly well so far. Good luck to you!

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