I have a 2 yr old male cat. He's always been violent but its getting worse.He scarred my face badly yesterday unprovoked

I have a male cat called Star who I've raised from a kitten. We have a closer bond than most humans, I love him. He's very intelligent and though he's always been violent to strangers (fear attacks), he's recently attacked me. Yesterday I fainted and he attacked me while I was on the floor, scarring me in 5 different places including my eye. He also clawed my head and was hissing. Everyone thats seen my face is horrified and says I need to get rid of him for health and safety. He's already caused me to break up with my boyfriend because he couldnt take Star constantly attacking him, and I don't have guests anymore cause they're afraid of Star. I cant even go away for a weekend as no one will look after him. We live on the top floor with a balcony, he goes out on the roof level but doesnt interact with other cats. He is neutered.
It makes me really sad but I dont want to give him up as I don't think anyone else could love him and he'd be put down. I have no idea what to do,it's a mess.

Asked by Member 1156112 on Feb 20th 2013 Tagged violent, unprovoked, attacks in Aggression
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I had a cat that was very similar to this once. I was very close to him also, as you are with yours, but with my cat, he had been completely feral and wild and never completely learned to trust people. When I got married, he would attack my husband. The cat would sit next to him on the couch, he would start petting him, and then he would sink his teeth into his arm. It was pretty bad. when I had a baby, I had to send him to live with the boyfriend I had adopted him with. He lived to age 13. Was wild with him too, in fact, he bit him through his lip once. He just learned how to not provoke him, to let him be and to know that he would never be the cat we all hope to have. He knew if he took him in he'd be pts. He had moments when he almost took him in to be put down. He eventually let him roam the back yard, it helped him having that outside time, that did help.I wish you luck, wish I knew what to say, other than just let him come to you, let it be on his terms when he does want attentio

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Joey (In Memory)

Okay - my cat Joey is aggressive - he has attacked me and other members of my family - and I had a vet tell me once to put him down. What you need to do is get to the root of his aggression and find out what is setting him off. It can be a lot of things - it could be medical. What I would do is see the vet - get a comprehensive physical and tell the vet what is happening. Then get a journal and keep track of what is happening when he attacks. Noise, smell, people, is there a stray outside, other animals on your floor. If you can eliminate what is setting him off you can limit the attacks. Alternatively, you can medicate him. There are medications that you can try to calm him down. I didn't go that route - I took the time to understand Joey and we haven't had a problem in a very long time. See the vet, start a journal, try and keep him calm, and treat your wounds properly. Don't give up on him - pawmail me if you want to talk about it. Good luck.

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