I have a 20 year old female cat who has been sick for the last week she has renal failure and on meds 2 x's a day.

Last week she developed diarrhea and severe vomiting I took her to the vet and her kidney and thyroid level were within limits she was administered subcutaneous fluid and received a shot of cerenia, the cerenia made her very ill however after 30+ hours she began to feel better. It's now 5 days later and she still having diarrhea and vomiting and has ceased to eat I brought her back to he Vet and they are running test for her pancreas, heart,senior blood work and a x-ray was done looking for some type of blockage none was found. She has lost 6 ounces in 5 days I'm giving her pedilite hourly not sure what else to do since she now refuses food. The Vet did give her some probiotics however she threw up most of it anyone had anything similiar last week she was doing fine for a 20 year old cat. I'm going back to the Vet tomorrow but no one seems to know what is wrong with her.

Asked by Member 1139427 on Nov 6th 2012 in Senior Pet
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Joey (In Memory)

I know this is a difficult thing to hear - but have you considered that it might be time to let her go? She is 20 years old and has lived a long life - sometimes our desire to keep the ones we love with us as long as possible is not always what is best for them. I feel for you - my heart aches for your kitty - I had a cat die from renal failure - his journey lasted a week after he was diagnosed. Talk to your vet and then your family and think about your kitty's quality of life. Purrs & Prayers.

Joey (In Memory) answered on 11/6/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer