I have a 14 yer old cat, I will be traveling for 2 months. Should I board her, leave her home w/someone stop by daily?

Asked by Member 1198881 on Nov 11th 2013 in Travel & Recreation
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Orion Hemingway

The best thing for an older cat is not to move them. Get a licensed, bonded and insured cat sitting service to come every day for 20 minutes to feed her and refresh the water, poop the sandboxes and give her some attention. They can text you updates so you may feel good about your cat's well-being while you're away. Unless you constantly move the cat, being in a new environment will freak her out. Leave the sitter plenty of treats like SmartBites or Greenies while you are away. Also buy a cat tree and more toys. The cat babysitter dvd is great to leave looping in the TV on silent to keep your cat occupied, because she will get lonely. That is, unless she has a good relationship with her vet and you can board her there and she can interact with other felines... but most can't stand being at the vet. Safe travels ^_^

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