I have 2 cats who are neutered males, brothers at that. They have always been very close and now the bigger more dominan

They are 3 years old, they have always cuddled and been super close to eachother, all up to date on shots and healthy. They were indoor cats up until we moved to a location that was safe to have them outside. Alvin, which is the bigger more dominant of the two will go outside for hours and loves it. Theodore wont go outside at all. As of the last couple of days Alvin will hiss and swipe at Theodore, wont lay with him or have anything to do with him. Surprisingly, he let him eat with him this morning. He is still super cuddly and sweet with us but not his brother. I fear I have made a terrible mistake in letting him go outside. Do you think this will pass or will it get worse and does any know the reasons why?

Asked by Member 1177751 on Jun 30th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

It is normal- he is strutting his stuff outside while his brother prefers the comforts of home. They have different personalities, and even if from the same litter, same-sex animals often will have one Alpha who dominates the other. If you try to keep him inside now the results will not be pretty. Make sure you have enough toys and climbers in the house, and installing a cat door might be wise so that the in/out one can get inside if he needs to and you're not home. Use a monthly flea TREATMENT ON BOTH SO THAT YOU DON'T NEED TO BOMB AND TAKE EVERYONE FOR A FLEA BATH, UGH. Finally, you can sneak treats to Theo while Alvin is outside, but feed them one at a time and do not leave any uneaten hanging around, or Alvin will resent his brother for having eaten them. SmartBites by Greenies are crunchy/soft, healthy and come in three flavors and three varieties. ^_^ They are a great distraction also if one seems to be ganging up on the other...

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