I have 100% indoor cats. Do I need to treat them for fleas?

Hi, I have 100% indoor cats (I live on the second floor of an apartment building with no porch). I was wondering if I should be treating them for fleas and ticks with advantage over the summer months? I don't do this in the winter. I really don't want my cats to get fleas, but it is quite expensive to give them the preventative meds. I have roommates, so I am terrified of getting fleas and ruining everything (this happened once with an indoor/outdoor cat). What do you guys think? What do you do?

Asked by Rogue on Apr 5th 2013 Tagged fleas, advantage in Health & Wellness
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Unless you have a dog that comes in and out, I probably would not treat them for fleas. I have a dog, who LOVES to be in the back yard, and I'm in FL, so she has to be on Advantage or Frontline almost all year (except the really cold months). I have also found that my cats need to be on Advantage as well (Adv work the best on cats in my opinion). My dog would bring in fleas, even though she was protected with Advantage, the cats would manage to get a few fleas on them, so i do have to keep mind treated. But in the past, when I did not have a dog, I did not have a need for it at all. I think if you don't have a dog, I would not, unless you see them scratching, or you see flea dirt, then yes, do it. I would not do it if I did not see signs of fleas, no way.

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