I got a question and need help with my kitten he will be two years old on May, 28th 2014. He won't stop coming by me and biting my arms or hands for no reason at all and it's really annoying, I can't relax when he is around. I think he is fighting for attention but he needs it non stop and I work three jobs all part time and I play with him with a lazer pointer and cat toys, I only pet him with my hands and when he bites I back my hand away. He has a lot of hunting him in, we found him in a back yard he is the only one outta the litter that is a biter the others are cuddle kittys, my cat only cuddles on his own time he wont stay still and cuddle when he was a kitten he would lay on my chest and fall asleep now he won't even stay he has a temper. How do I get him to behave, I don't wanna get rid of him cause I love him so much he is a son to me.

I've tried...
Spray Bottles
Saying no and Saying no with pointing
Giving treats when good
Walking away
Distracting him with toys
Bitter Spray ( Apple )
Tapping his nose

Asked by Member 1195826 on Oct 23rd 2013 Tagged kittenbehaviorproblem in Kittens
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Eric Rinaudo

Hi, I understand that you are having a problem with your young adult cat. First off is he fixed if not it will really help. Second I know that you work a lot of hours, have you tried a product called feel away. It could help with his energy I recommend the diffuser it will last a month. I use this product with my 7 cats ages 1.5 years to 11 years old. In the past when my youngest male cat started to throw his stuff around the house. I went out and got the cats a climbing cat tree to redirect stored up cat energy. Please hang in there I hope I have helped.

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