I got a kitten last fall n I had a 3 yr old male. The kitten is female. Just recently they started fighting bad. He hurt

I want to protect her but I think my love for her is making it worse.

Asked by Member 1155982 on Feb 19th 2013 Tagged fighting, jealousy in Other Behavior & Training
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Angel Lucy Liu(1-5-10/10-29-15

If your male isn't neutered, you need to get him neutered ASAP. You also should have your female spayed now to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Your female kitten may be coming into heat for her first time & what you think is fighting may actually be mating behavior.

If one or both of your cats are already altered, they may have just had a squabble. Even cats that are the best of friends sometimes quarrel. A quarrel may be very noisy with hissing, growling, yowling, and screaming. Fur may even fly but at the end there may not be a scratch on either cat. When a cat does get scratched in a quarrel, it's usually on the nose. Often a young cat will pester an adult til the adult swats the youngster.

When a cat is truly bullying another, every chance the bully gets it will chase & corner the other cat & then beat the other cat up.

The most serious kind of fighting is between 2 intact adult males fighting for females & territory, nasty wounds & abscesses are common in this type of fight.

Angel Lucy Liu(1-5-10/10-29-15 answered on 2/19/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer