i got a comment on one of Sammy's photos and when i went to look at the comments it said...

i got a comment on one of Sammy's photos and when i went to look at the comments it said that there was 7 comments i clicked on the link to take me to them and it only showed one. This in on another photo but it had 4 instead of 7 and there was no comments on the photo when i clicked on the link why is this?????

Asked by Sammy on Oct 21st 2011 in Pet Page
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The pictures of Sammy that I can see a comment on have the same idiotic junk that somebody was posting on mine. One is just a bunch of letters and gibberish and the other one is words that make no sense at all. It's possible the same trolls are posting blank messages on yours too. So it looks like there is a message but there is nothing there to see. Or else they posted something vulgar and Catster caught and already blocked it. I was having a problem with these SPAM comments a while back and I reset my page so I have to approve any comments before they will appear. One of them even upset one of my regular friends who thought the message was being mean about something nice she had commented on earlier. Not sure what is wrong with these people that they have nothing better to do with their time. :(

Allie answered on Oct 23rd.

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A lot of people are having this problem. You can go to the Forums and see a discussion there, or start a new thread describing your situation. We're all very puzzled by this, and rather disturbed because it's kind of creepy.

Harvey answered on 10/24/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer