I got a 1 1/2 year old cat 5 days ago from someone. She is very scared and stays in hiding, how can I bring her out?

I just found out that the cat was always kept in one room and did not roam the house. She is very sweet and rubs up against us and purrs once I get her out of hiding and pet her- she seems to relax and know that we arent going to harm her. That lasts about 10 minutes then its right back to her hiding spot!

Asked by Member 1157404 on Feb 28th 2013 in Adoption & Rescue
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Is she the only animal in the house? Unless you have other animals, she probably just needs more time to adjust – if there are “residents” she is most likely reacting to them and you should do a proper transition. Keeping her in one room for a while (although I know you said she was confined at her old home) is not a bad idea. Some kitties even if there is no one else in the house to compete with need a little more time to feel secure enough to explore. Take her to the vet and get a proper checkup. Then give her time to get used to you, your home, all the sights, sounds and especially smells. Try not to reach for her too much and let her come to you. Make sure she has a place to call her own, a bed, scratching post, litter box. Give her a sweater or towel that has your scent on it so she can get used to your smell. Then start with toys that she can discover throughout the house - and a treat here or there. As she gains confidence she will explore more. Good luck!

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