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I found a male kitten, about 6 months, outside and brought him inside and he will not use the litter box! Help!

I have several cats and plenty of litter boxes with clumping litter. I clean them morning and night every day. This male kitten is adorable and loving but refuses to use a box. He has gone on the couch and my bed so far. I have now put him in the bathroom with his own litter box. He went on the floor.

I found him in the parking lot under a car outside my apartment. He seems right at home inside, but if someone had him inside, they must have a nasty home.

I put him in the box and show him how to dig with his front paws, but he begins backing up immediately.

At this point, I plan to get him neutered and put him back outside as I cannot keep him inside.

I read putting leaves in the box would help if they have been outside. I will try that. I think he was an inside kitten because he is so familiar with everything inside.

Any help would be appreciated at this urgent time.

Asked by Platelicker ♥ DB#69 on May 7th 2012 Tagged kitten, litter, training, refuses, help in Litter Box Training
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BooBear Moceri

First he will need to get to understand the he needs to use the litterbox inside. Crating a cat is not harmful and will get them to consistently use the litterbox since they are clean freaks.Neutering will definately help and crating him for recovery shoudl help as well. Think about rating him for a couple weeks extra to break the cycle. I had to break a cat from peeing in the house. She was crated for 8 weeks and did fine. Broke the cycle and all is well! Also, try a sandier type litter, they prefer that.

BooBear Moceri answered on 5/8/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer