I found a kitten that is about 5 months old when she walks she her hind legs don't seemed to be developed right .

her ankels seem very thin i dont think she was developed right she doeesn't seem like she is in pain. I don't have the money to take her in to the vet. so hopefully she will get stronger. she jumps on the bed.

Asked by Member 844608 on Jun 9th 2009 Tagged legs, hind, paws, nopain in Himalayan
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Sassy (2001-2012)

It would be best for her to see a vet in case there is still something that you can do to help her legs develop e.g. she may have some vitamin deficiency etc. Try calling around local vets and explain she is a stray cat that you have taken in and see if you can find one that can help you. You may be able to at least get one to give you a free exam so they can check her over and maybe you can get some free working tablets etc. Also check out the low cost spay/neuter clinics in your area in case they can also give her a check up when they spay her. She's at the age where she needs to get fixed and many cat rescue places/SPCA will spay stray cats for free/very low cost.

Feed her on kitten food and that should have all the nutrients she needs. Hope she does well and she's lucky you've taken her in.

Sassy (2001-2012) answered on 6/9/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer