i don't have a room to quarantine a kitten that i'm bringing home for the first few days before his 1st vet appointment

I really just need to know what I can do cause I don't want to leave the kitten out to maybe become ferel or maybe die. I've already got all that's needed to bring I'm into my home but don't have a room iin my house to keep him alone.

Asked by Member 1125358 on Aug 12th 2012 in Bringing Your Pet Home
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Do you have a bathroom? I have kept new pets both feline and canine in the bathroom...with closed toilet bowls to prevent drowning. It would only be for a few days and usually a bathroom is a good place to keep them as it is away from other pets and people and strange noises. Just set up a nice little bed, some food and water dishes, and of course a litter box and show the kitten where everything is and then once vetted and adjusted to other pets you can let him out and move everything out once again showing him/her where it all is. :) Good luck with your sure to spay/neuter!

Tobias answered on 9/11/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer