I can't get my cat to stop peeing on my kids bed.

she has been doing this for about 6 years now. i've tried everything that a vet. told me. she doesn't have any medical problems. Help!! my family really loves this cat. She loves the children as well; she even sleeps with the girls everynight. i really don't want to give her away, but i'm at the end of my rope, washing beading 2 times a day!!!!!

Asked by Member 546281 on Dec 17th 2007 in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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I know how frustrating this problem can be. First of all make sure the bedding gets washed with vinegear to get all the smell out. Cats will go to the same place they smell urine before. The next thing I would try is put a small litter box in the room. It might encourage her to use it since its so close. You might have to give up the blanket the cat is continually using to pee on and put it under the box. It really is the scent they keep going back too. You might not be able to smell it after washing but they still can. I hope this helps.

Member 533708 answered on 12/17/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Izadore (Izzie)

The litter box idea is a good one, but I'd close the bedroom door and put the box outside the room. Then you can slowly move it day by day, to wherever you want her to use it permanently. You might also change her litter--she might not like what you're using.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 12/17/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Maxi (In Loving Memory)

Good answers;)
Once my Mom put baking soda in my litter box & I ated it, so I peed on her bed. It took Mom a few hours to figure it out. She emtied it out, washed it & pt in fresh litter without that soda stuff & I didn't do it again;)

Maxi (In Loving Memory) answered on 12/18/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Cats will continue to pee in places where they smell pee. I'm betting your cat's urine odor has gotten into the mattress or mattresses. I can't think of any way to absolutely get urine odor from inside a mattress. Inspect the mattresses; if you see urine stains, soak them well with enzymatic cleaner. Have the girls "camp out" on air beds for a few nights until their mattresses dry. You should also get waterproof mattress pads for their beds so more urine doesn't soak in. Wash all the bedding in enzymatic cleaner, according to the directions on the cleaner. (Yes, this *is* a lot of work!)

Get a special litter called "Cat Attract" by Dr. Elsey. It doesn't smell any different to humans, but it contains a "you should pee here" pheronome that we cats recognize. Mix some Cat Attract litter with her regular litter to emphasize where she should go. I also highly recommend contacting an animal communicator to talk to your cat and find out what's going on, since there are no medical issues.

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