I am pet sitting for a neighbors cat, I own two and more previously and never in my life have I had to question experts!

Tortoiseshell cat maybe age 7/8. Owners have left for 2 weeks which is un heard of to me as a pet owner, this cat in particular is sweet when you first arrive, wants pets, displays the rolling around by your feet for more attention. I pet, I talk, I walk around with her yet when I bend down to pour her dry food or even grab at something that is example a my keys fell and as I grab in a slow motion she swats at me with a yelp. It's somewhat threatening bc it's unprovoked and out of no where, I'm calm so when she reacts I retract my hand to not be hit and just stand and wait for her to move away, with then she continues to follow my ankles. Last time she didnt allow me to leave and swatted at my shoe with one claw and hissed? I've never dealt with this and I'm not willing to buy a cat pheromone just for this, I need to know what are my options to protect myself as I have to continue this twice a day for 13 more days!

Asked by Member 1185039 on Aug 11th 2013 in Separation Anxiety
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Panda Bear

The cat is taking her frustrations out on you; don't take it personally. Text the owners and let them know how their cat is misbehaving. When you go in, wear boots and rubber gloves. Do not be intimidated because you are much bigger and they can smell fear a mile away. My friend's Tonkinese, who hates everyone besides one cat, one dog, her and her husband, lets me be the only other human in the world to pet him... not even her son or more frequent guests... because I'm not afraid and I did not give him another option. ^_^ You might also try to occupy her with a 99 cent toy or some treats while you are scooping the box, etc.

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