Roy *missing since Aug 19 2007

I am Lost. How do I change my catster page to indicate that?

I ran out of the house in August and my mom is frantically looking for me. She noticed that some of the catster pages say "lost" on them and wants to know how to do that for me.

Asked by Roy *missing since Aug 19 2007 on Feb 19th 2008 Tagged lost in Adoption Center
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Hi Roy,

Sorry to hear that you ran away and hope you come back soon! If you click the 'MyAccount' button across the top of the screen, then go down to the section where it says 'Update Roy's profile', and then click on the Pet Page 'Modify Biography and Traits' link. In this section you can add 'Missing' or 'Ran away' next to your name and that way it will show up as something like:

Roy *Missing since August*

Hope that helps!



Atlas answered on 2/19/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer