I am a professional jeweler and I work at home. I really want to adopt a kitten but

I'm afraid he might swallow any of the tiny components I work with. Can I do something to prevent that?

Asked by Member 1144569 on Dec 10th 2012 Tagged swallowingforeignobjects in Swallowing Foreign Objects
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It's great that you're thinking ahead about this. Jewelry components are definitely hazards, as well as many other household items. The best way to prevent a tragedy is to keep your kitten/cat completely away from these items by securing them all away in kitty-proofed containers when you're not working on them, or by working on them only in a room where you can close the door to keep the kitten out.

The thing is, kittens are like toddlers. You wouldn't leave choking hazards or open flames within reach of a toddler, and the same goes for kittens - except they are more mobile and can jump higher! The list of household hazards for kittens is a pretty long one, and kittens need more care than adult cats. I recommend you read about the care and hazards for kittens before adopting one. It could be that a slightly older cat may suit your lifestyle better.

That said, once you're familiar with the hazards and proper care, a cat or kitten could be a wonderful addition to your home! :)

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