I adopted a three year old male named Trevor about two years ago. He is a domestic shorthair and is the friendliest cat

Trevor is nice to everyone he meets and is very affectionate. However, when my brother walks into the same room as him or God forbid tries to pet him, my pet loses his mind and will growl and meow deeply and loudly. I know my brother has never been abusive torwards him. But my brother will make fun of him and call him names. Does Trevor know what he is saying and is that why he acts that way? I just don't understand how he will still be affectionate torwards some visitors who don't like cats but totally isolate my brother. I'm not sure how to help.

Asked by Member 1188168 on Sep 2nd 2013 Tagged aggressive, confusion, friendliness in Aggression
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Panda Bear

Yes, cats can smell disdain from a human, and there is a chance that he was abused by a male person previously if he is a rescue. Pookie was afraid of men for about six years, but it went away in time... although nobody was antagonizing her. It is best to keep your bro away from the cat without an human attitude change. If your bro wants to make peace, you can have him leave, and eventually feed, treats or catnip toys to Trevor. ^_^

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