I adopted a new friend for my kitty, but now I'm worried I made a mistake?

I have a 4 year old (Bella), who is a sweet little black tuxedo girl. She's very social, chatty, but independent. We got her as a companion for our senior persian boy (Snowbear), but he died February first from cancer. Ever since then, she has been unusually talkative and asking for more attention than normal. To be honest, Snowbear was always our favorite, so he definately hogged a lot of the attention. The problem is, we didn't know if she's lonely or if more of her attitude was just shining through. Also, my mom works alot and I'm moving away to college at the end of the month. We didn't know if she would be ok alone :( So we got a white 2 year old persian boy (Charlie) who is sweet and just a dream. He wants to be her friend so bad! But Bella will have none of it, she hisses and growls and avoids him. Did we make a mistake?

Asked by Member 435208 on Jul 10th 2012 Tagged companion, friend, doubt, newcat, adoption, hissing, lonely, help in Other Behavior & Training
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You certaily didn't make a mistake in adoption, but maybe introduction. If you just toss two cats in a room together, they may kill eachother (no matter how sweet they may seem!) If you can, get a childsgate and put it between Bella and charlie (just seperate them for a couple of days). Feed them both at the gate so they're forced to get aquainted. Give them equal attention. Play with them and pet them at the gate so they associate eachother with good things. Rub a clean cloth on Charlie's scent gland (on his muzzle, by his whiskers) and offer it to Bella. (Remember, cats rub up against people and cats as a form of mutual trust.) Then, rub the cloth on Bella and give it to Charlie. Make sure they're both at the gate and can see eachother when this happens. This will get them used to eachother's scent. If they nudge the cloth from the other cat, give them a treat. If they dont accept it, try again later. When both cats hav aceped the cloth, remove the gate.

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