I adopted a cat 6 days ago. She sometimes will bite me when I pet her. Not hard, but I don't like it & want her to stop.

Why does she do it & how can I get her to stop?? She is about three & I got her from a shelter. My previous cats have never displayed any kind of aggressive behavior such as this. Currently she is the only cat in the household.

Asked by Member 1076305 on Dec 8th 2011 Tagged biting in Other Behavior & Training
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When I adopted Delilah, she had languished in the shelter for a year because she was a "biter". Out of desperation, b/c she is a beautiful kitty, the rescue put her at PetSmart. It was love at first sight with me. I worked long and hard with her to get her to stop biting. There is no warning--no ears back, no ruffled fur, just teeth in the hand. She never bears down. It's just her way. But I understand that you don't appreciate this behavior. With Delilah, I pushed her off my lap and walked away. Since she can't stand rejection, she'd just get back up on my lap and I learned when to touch her. I can pet her, but when I see that look in her eyes, it's hands off. I can brush her, hug her, kiss her, etc., but when she's in one of her "moods", I just leave her be. Adopting a cat is a give and take. They learn your personality and you learn their's. All cats are very different. I have 3. Izzie and Lizzie look alike, but both are competely different.

Delilah answered on Dec 10th.

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Hunter Devious

First of all never compare your new cat to previous cats.It will keep you from understanding this cats individal personality.You only had her 6 days that is not long enough for her to feel safe.If she continues to do it put some lemon juice or something tart on your hands for awhile so she relates the biting to a sour taste.I will bite my mom when I want her to play or I need her to pay attention to me.

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The textbook answer is to remove your hand and say no. The reality is that some cats gnaw out of affection--watch how kittens play. Harvard is a big biter. He never breaks the skin, just worries my hand. IF your kitty does cause a wound, go to an ER and have it seen to. Cat bites are nasty and can cause infections within hours. Meanwhile, try giving your cat toys to gnaw on, such as soft toys, fishing rod toys. Cats vary as to the toys they respond to. Try a variety of toys to see what your kitty likes best.

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