How to talk husband into getting another kitten?

I recently rescued a female kitten that the vet estimated to be about 10 weeks old now. She won my husband over and is now apart of our family. I worry about her getting lonely or bored whenever we are not home, so i'd love to get another kitten so that way she has a playmate and will not be lonely or bored whenever we are not home. The only obstacle is my husband. Anyone have any suggestions that might help me talk him into another kitten or any helpful facts that 2 kittens are better than 1? thanks for any and all advice!

Asked by Member 1199023 on Nov 12th 2013 Tagged kitten, lonely, bored in Kittens
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Panda Bear

If you can't present a logical argument to your husband on your own, someone answering online cat questions will probably not be able to do it for you. It is nice for cats to have a friend, but there is no guarantee that they will be friends. There is also an expense factor, for spay/neuter, food/shots and when they get older and sick. Good luck ^_^

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