How to stop a cat from eating everything in sight.

My boyfriend and I adopted 1 year old cat. He is not almost 2 and we believe that he is a Maine Coon due to his traits that he has. He gets along without dogs and somewhat gets along with my other cat. But the only issue that we are having with him is that he eats everything. He has gotten on the kitchen counter before to take muffins, pizza, and bread to eat them- since we learned of this we have started to not leave food on the counters. He also will eat the dog food and has started to eat fish pellets. It is not like I starve him or anything like that- he is a big kitty for his age. When we see him doing this he gets yelled out and the water bottle. But nothing seems to work for him and still does it. The dogs have started to charge him when he is caught by them eating their food- I am so scared that he is going to get bit while we are not home. Is there anything that I can do to stop him from doing this without messing up everyone else routine

Asked by Member 1099783 on Mar 14th 2012 in Health & Wellness
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It sounds like you have the same problem I do with my cat. I fortunately only have one pet and I feed her three times a day. I give her Wellness canned cat food which is grain free and high in protein. My veterinarian says the key is to feed a high protein diet which makes your cat feel fuller. Wellness is grain free and high protein. My vet also recommended freeze dried chicken as a treat. Dry food is not recommended because it is high in carbs and leaves your cat feeling hungrier than if you fed it canned food. Also, do not leave any pet food (dog or fish) out. I know what you are going through because I also have "one crazy cat"! She is fascinated with the kitchen sink spigot so I let her drink from it in the morning only. I leave two bowls of water out for her and when she is between meals, I give her catnip and try to play with her to distract her from wanting food 24/7. I hope I have given you some helpful tips. Maybe other posters have some better ideas. Good luck!

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