HOW TO INTRO NEW DOG TO CAT - URGENT HELP PLEASE! What is the best way to go about doing this?! THANKS SO MUCH!!


We're adopting a dog today (I know short notice, it's a complicated situation) he'll be 2 in February and he needs to meet kitty.

He's a little rowdy, due to minor neglect and living in an apartment, blue heeler/ lab and he's much larger than her. Not to mention the only dog she's been around for any extended period of time was my aunts Lasa, who she accepted quickly. Also, dogs in the backyard (neighbors can't control them) really make her hair stand, literally. and she growls.

My thoughts are this:
1. If she is aware that this new dog is welcome in our home - unlike the neighbors dogs, she will be more inclined to not get upset?
2. I don't want kitty to hate me for bringing him, will she resent me? Considering she will have to share her space, which she has done before, with our older cat who crossed the rainbow bridge last year, but this is a bigger DOG we're talking about.
3. I have a feeling it will be a long process - what is the typical time frame?

Asked by Backpack on Nov 30th 2012 Tagged help, dog, cat, introduction, urgent in Behavior & Training
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Joey (In Memory)

First things first - you cannot rush this. When you bring the dog home you need to secure him in a spare room in your house where he will spend most of his time until they get acquainted. Let them smell each other through the door - even feed them at the same time on opposite sides of the door. Swap scents by rubbing a towel on each and see how they react. When you feel the time is right - supervised visits - let them interact in small doses and watch them for aggression, etc. After a time hopefully they will accept each other and you can let the dog have the run of the house. There is no pre-determined time frame on this process - it can take weeks/months. Cats are extremely territorial - and that territory is being invaded - that needs to be understood and respected. This dog is capable of hurting your cat - and vice versa. Take your time; don't panic when things don't seem to be going well, give lots of love and reassurance to both. Good luck!

Joey (In Memory) answered on 11/30/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree with the other poster where you really do have to take it slow....the only thing though is as the other poster said it could take weeks or months, but i dont think you should have your dog secluded for that long, he will be a new dog and scared and uncomfortable also and if secluded, may turn out bad. And is not fair....i would say just make sure your kitty has a "safe" place to go so that he is able to get away and go nap or do what he does but then can also come out when he is ready to come and smell the dog. You could put a gate across a bedroom door or something so your kitty can go in there to be alone
It will take time just be patient and let them work at their own pace to get to know each other. My cat still hisses at my dog sometimes and they've known each other for a while!!
Also make sure you have some alone time with your kitty so he feels special.
Good Luck

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