How to help cat feel more comfortable and stop bullying from other cat?

Hi- I am wondering how to make a formerly feral kitty feel more comfortable. I have had Raven for about 5 years and she still will not let me touch her- she will sometimes come take food from me but that's it. I have another cat that I adopted about the same
time, a male named Buckley, who is seriously lovey and loud. The two used to get along well so I felt better knowing that Raven got love from Buckley, but now he is bullying her and she screeches and fights to get him away. I get him away when I can but I don't know if my presence is adding to Raven's stress. I don't want her to be miserable and bullied. What can I do to help the situation? Raven is about 6, Buckley about 7. Thanks!!

Asked by Member 1210596 on Jan 20th 2014 Tagged feral, bullying in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

Give them each their own spaces- in a cat tree or bed, a scratcher or play tunnel. Buy more toys so that he can be occupied without her. When he attacks her, spray him with a mixture of white vinegar and water. The vinegar is harmless and will get your point across. You need to let her warm up to you on her own; each animal's personality is different. You can buy the Cat Sitter DVD and play classical music while you are not home. Try an interactive play toy for the both of you such as the cat dancer or a laser light. You can also begin treat time with Greenies dental treats in eight different flavors. ^_^

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