How to give a skittish cat medication? I just can't catch him!

I have two cats. The first and oldest is Diego, a very loving and affectionate guy with no socialization issues. The slightly younger cat, Dewey, is about 16 months old and is extremely skittish. We adopted him from a nice & loving foster family, and have had him since he was about 8 months. Dewey has always been extremely shy & skittish. At first we tried to seek him out and coax him into spending time with us. When nothing worked, we decided to leave him alone and let him adjust to his new home at his own pace. He gets along well and plays with Diego, and eventually warmed up enough to sit in the living room with us, though not right next to or on us. If you offer food to him he'll come up to you, but make any sudden moves and he bolts. Yesterday, I noticed both boys itching and applied some frontline on Diego with no problems. Dewey, however, will not let me near him to apply his. If I get him in a room, he becomes terrified & extremely frantic to escape. What can I do?

Asked by Diego on Oct 17th 2013 Tagged skittish, medication, fleas, howto in Behavior & Training
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Orion Hemingway

You need to trap him in the bathroom and then let him bolt from there. If they were pills I would suggest pill pockets, which are treats that hide pills. Maybe next time you can get a flea treatment like Capstar and give it to him with a pill pocket. However, just because you see your cats itching does not mean that they have fleas. If it is dry skin due to heat and cold from weather, that will make their skin even worse. ^_^

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