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How to dry catnip plants for future use?

I was wondering if any of you grow catnip plants outside and then dry it to give to your kitties later on. I know they can eat the fresh catnip plants, but I am wondering how to dry it to save for them for winter...

Asked by Izadore (Izzie) on Jun 12th 2008 in Treats
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Drying catnip is easy. My one cat loves it fresh, but my other will only take it dry.

The only things you will need are scissors to snip the catnip, and either twist ties, pinch type clothes pins or binder clips.

Once you have clipped the amount desired, bunch the stalks together with the ties, clothes pins or clips at the botton of the stalks. Then hang upside down in a spot that gets plenty of air circulation. In about 10 days to 2 weeks you will have perfectly dried catnip.

Just an FYI - Catnip is an herb just like spearmint, oregano, basil, etc. Try experimenting with adding it to your favorite recipes. I add it to fruit, beef, chicken and sprinkle the dried catnip on frozen pizza before baking!

Have fun! - M. Wendland

answered on Jun 13th.

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You dry catnip by cutting the stalks after they have bloomed.. Tie the stalks together at the ends with string. Then hang it up side down, ( stalks up) in a dry and dark place if you have one. After a bout a week check it to see if it has all dried. It has to be completely dry or it will mold while stored. When it's all dry you remove the buds and leaves from the stalks and I place it in glass jars for storage.

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Dulci (In Loving Memory - you

Good Eats has a segment on drying herbs, that preserves the color and oils the best, but it's a touch more time consuming than the easier "tie it in a bundle and spread it out" method described above. (i use the above method, but thought I'd share Good EAts method).

for the GE method, buy yourself some very inexpensive air filters. lay out the herbage (usually leaf only, in this method) onto the filters, then bungy the filters together and bungee them to a square industrial fan.

Takes 24 hours, and the herbs stay bright green instead of fading to a softer brown/green. Also they hold the oils a touch better.

As I said, though. I personally use the method described by the other two great cats!

Dulci (In Loving Memory - you answered on 6/13/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer