How to accommodate a new cat on a rooftop unit?

I just moved with my bf to a rooftop unit on the sixth floor in Taipei. The place comes with a very big rooftop terrace (650sqt) with a sturdy concrete parapet and an additional plastic protection that sticks out for 60 cm right under the parapet. The flat gets pretty hot during daytime in summer (up to 95°).

We are about to adopt a 1 year old female neutered cat who has been an indoor pet for her whole life. During working hours (9am-7pm) she will have to be alone, but luckily I can come back for lunch everyday for one hour.

I am concerned about leaving her locked indoor in such a hot temperature. Maybe a fan and an open window could improve the situation, but still. On the other hand, leaving her on the terrace means she can move around and look for shade and breeze, but I am afraid it is dangerous to leave her alone outside, especially since she has no previous experience as an outdoor cat. There is no catflap and no window I can leave open.

What do you suggest? Please help!

Asked by Member 1233132 on Aug 31st 2014 Tagged rooftop, hot, summer, indoor, outdoor in Bringing Your Pet Home
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Panda Bear

Inside, cats will seek out the coolest place to nap, and she's probably safer there. Buy a fan for the summer and make sure there are shaded areas where she can rest with plenty of water to drink. On the weekend, take her up to the roof and bring her out for a supervised visit. See how she does and if she is scared. Whatever place that she can be the safest (safety is #1) and coolest (temperature is #2) is the winner. Thanks for caring so much about your cat! ^_^
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