How soon is too soon to adopt a kitten after the death of a cat?

As I posted yesterday about my dear old boy Charlie's last days, it seems that the vet was more than optimistic with the prognosis ( he had received longer ones before and outlived them so it was a great shock)and he died last night ,snuggled in my arms the way he used to as a kitten ,purring softly. A great loss for me and my Girlfriend and we both spent a large chunk of last night crying. And I type with tears in my eyes.
As a seasoned cat guy who has owned cats since the age of 5, I cannot imagine a house without a cute, cuddly cat in it and me and my girlfriend want to adopt a pair of kittens. This would not be in any way to replace Charlie, as nothing ever could. And I am very aware that people buy on impulse to mourn another cat which we are not going to do. I am aware that female cats cannot give birth in the winter (I prefer short-haired domestics, not pure-breeds who can have a litter in the winter)
Should I just wait till spring or later? Thank you............................

Asked by Member 1073988 on Dec 1st 2011 Tagged affection, love, charlie, cat, kittens, cuddle, death, bereavement in Other Kittens
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Oh, my, my heart goes out to you. When I have lost cats, I have always gone out immediately to get a new one. Not as a replacement. But as a new life to cherish and love. Go to your local shelter. There will be kittens whatever the time of year. Or consider adopting a mature cat--you will have a better idea of its personality. You are sure to find a kitty who is bound to you by karma. Spike came to me via my vet a few days aftwr Boku died at 18. No matter what happens to me in the future, he is my main man. God bless and purrs.

Spike answered on 12/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

~Purrcy ~ Meohmy

I'm so sorry you have lost Charlie - I can tell how much he is loved.
I lost Purrcy in October after a long illness and my heart is still raw from grief.
Like you, I can not imagine a life without a special cat to share it with me.
I have been actively looking at kittens, but find I am just not ready yet. I think I will wait until Spring and resume my quest then.
I think your idea of getting a pair of kittens is perfect! I think that when you are ready - really ready - you will find special kittens that you will love.
Put out feelers through friends and family that you are looking. You and your girlfriend could go to shelters and at least look. You can even let them know you are not quite ready yet, but if some likely kittens come in to let you know.
I wish you good luck and please let us know when you find your special kittens.
Again my condolences to you and to your girlfriend.
May Charlie rest in peace and fly free with the angels. (hugs)

~Purrcy ~ Meohmy answered on 12/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I am so sorry about Charlie. It is never easy but I am happy for you that he died peacefully in your arms. Kittens are everywhere. I am sure if you check you will find shelters in your area with kittens all year round. But when you are ready is up to you. Kittens are crazy and two will be lots of fun so they may cheer you and your GF up a bit but they also make you sad and miss Charlie even more. You may not feel ready and then visit a shelter and see the perfect pair of kittens who melt your heart and you will know it's time. He was clearly very special to you so you need to just take your time and grieve but be ready to take on some fun little kittens when the time feels right.

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Izadore (Izzie)

I am so sorry to hear that you lost Charlie before the 2 weeks. We all understand how difficult this is. You sound very grounded. Of course you aren't replacing Charlie. You will know when the time is right. Trust yourself. Go to a reputable shelter and speak to them about what you are looking for. If you take GF along, don't let yourself be "talked" into a kitten just because of it's sex, color, eyes, etc. Work with the shelter and let them advise you which kitten(s) they feel would be the best fit. If there's anything about the shelter you don't like, leave a smoke trail getting out of there. I used to do animal welfare work and I know that a reputable shelter will try as hard as they can to match you up with the right kitten(s). And please know that we are always here for you if you need to "talk". Pawmail me by clicking on Izzie's photo and I will get back to you. Again, we all send our deepest sympathy to you and GF. We know Charlie is feeling fine up at the Bridge!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 12/3/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Our sympahy goes out to you.I went to rainbow bridge early this year after having 21 years of love with my mom.She was so torn apart she swore she would never get another cat.Low and behold she took in a feral kitten that looked alot like me.She knows he will never replace me but I believe he came to her at the right time.Mom still crys about me but now she has little terror Hunter Devious to keep her to busy to cry as much.As for the shelter I find that usually when you;re in there you don't really pick a cat they will pick you.Good luck in filling your heart again with a new cat when you are ready.

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