How should I be washed?

I know I'm not suppose to be washed, but my mommy brought me home from the outdoors to be an inside kitty, and I needed to be washed for fleas. I hate being submerged in water, are there any brilliant ways that I can be bathed??

Asked by Patch on Sep 7th 2013 Tagged bath, shampoo, bathing, washed in Bathing
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Hii... You should make the cat bath entertaining and comfort. Follow the steps to wash your cat.
1. You should decide a perfect timing to wash her.
2. For your own protection you should use Clip, snip.
3. give your cat a gentle & good brushing to remove any loose hair and mats.
4. Place a rubber bath mat in the sink or tub where you will be bathing your kitty so she does not slip.
5. Use a hand-held spray hose to thoroughly wet your pet, taking care not to spray directly in her ears, eyes and nose. If you don’t have a spray hose, a plastic pitcher or unbreakable cup works great.
6. Gently massage your pet with a solution of one part cat shampoo.
7. Thoroughly rinse the shampoo off your cat with a spray hose or pitcher; again, be sure the water is lukewarm.
8. Use a washcloth to carefully wipe your pet’s face.
9. Wrap your cat in a large towel and dry her with it in a warm place, away from drafts.
10. Your little bathing beauty deserves endless praise—and her favorite treat—after all.

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