how old should a kitten be before it can be let out?

at what age can a kitten go out on their own

Asked by Member 1041147 on Jul 16th 2011 Tagged gardenkittensageonown in Exercise & Play
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It's not really recommended to let your cat outside unattended. You need very specialized fencing to have even a hope of keeping the cat in your yard and if they get loose they face all sorts of increased risks of picking up parasites or diseases (often fatal ones at that), getting lost, being abused, poisoned, or trapped and killed by other people, being attacked by wild animals, or being struck by a car. The dangers for a kitten that was raised indoors without guidance from a streetwise mama cat are tenfold.

Being let out unattended even just occasionally significantly lowers your cat's life expectancy. If it's important to you to let her experience the outdoors a better alternative is to train her to wear and walk on a harness with you or get a small cat enclosure built so she can be let out to play safely with no one getting in or out.

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Until they die a natural, peaceful, death. Indoors.

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Never. There are far too many dangers outside. Indoor cats live much longer, healthier lives. All cats should be indoor only.

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