How much grain free canned food should I feed my two overweight cats?

I have two cats that I have recently switched to an all wet diet. We have found a grain free brand that they love, BFF by weruva, however I am not sure about how much to feed them. One cat is nearly 20 lbs. And the other is around 14 lbs. I would like to get them both to a healthier weight without over or underfeeding them, currently I am splitting a 5.5 oz can between the two of them twice a day. Is this the best amount to be feeding them?

Asked by Member 1142154 on Nov 25th 2012 Tagged grainfree, overweightcat, cannedfood, wetfood, feedingguidelines in Pet Food
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First, if they haven't been to the vet recently, they both should have a complete checkup and bloodwork done just to make sure they're healthy. Then your vet should work out how many calories each cat should get for slow, safe weight loss. Since they don't weigh the same, they shouldn't be eating the same number of calories per day. After the vet gives you the calorie levels, find out how many calories are in the food you give them, then divide the proper amount of food into 2-3 daily meals. No treats, no table scraps. And increase their activity.

For more on safe weight loss, go to

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Well the healthy weight depends on the breed of your cats. If it were a large breed, then their weight wouldn't be that terrible.

The amount also depends on the breed and the "correct" weight your cats should have.

I am unable to help much unless I have all the information needed.

And about the cat diet, there's this good ebook about cat nutrition and feeding which I found lately. It's pretty useful and you can get it for free here:

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