how many week old should give a treat ? i have a kitten, who is five week old now going on six week old .

Asked by ginger on Jul 8th 2009 Tagged food in Treats
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If he is eating solid kitten food, he can have some treats like Pounce or Whisker Lickins. Or whatever brand he may like. As long as his main diet is a good quality kitten food and he is getting his nutrition there. He doesn't need to have treats, but it never hurts to start to get him used to the sound of the treat can shaking. Makes it easier to find the cat when you need to if he runs to you for treats. That's the easiest trick in my house when we need to make sure everybody is safe and accounted for. We give some treats and they all come running.

Allie answered on 7/8/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer