how long will it take for my cats nails to grow back after getting them clipped?

Asked by Member 1090519 on Feb 7th 2012 in Health & Wellness
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It really depends on how short you clip them, how fast your cat's nails grow, how skinny/curvy they are, and how vigorously they sharpen them. Some of ours if we clip them pretty close to the quick they won't be sharp for a few weeks, others it seems like we're finding a new sharp claw every few days despite our best efforts. Don't get frustrated by fast regrowth and go crazy and clip further back than you're comfortable with- it will be much harder to get kitty to co-operate with future nail trimmings if you hit the quick.

If you're making special trips to the vet or groomers to get them clipped that's going to get old real fast. See if they will do a tutorial so you can clip them at home. We like to have a pair of clippers near the couch so when a cat comes to cuddle in our laps we can sneak attack with a manicure! Even if you can only get 2 or 3 claws in a sitting before your kitty gets too annoyed, if you try every day or so they all get done eventually.

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