How long do regular teeth start to come in after losing baby teeth?

I recently took in a stray and had her tested for the usual. Her tests came back okay but the Vet thought she was older than I did. I thought she wasn't even a year old yet. My question is this: How long do regular teeth start to come in after losing baby teeth? I looked in her mouth the other day and saw that all (except 2) of those really tiny teeth in between her canines were missing.
She is always chewing and pulling on her toys so I thought maybe she lost them as baby teeth but I don't see anything growing in yet.

Asked by Pumpkin on Nov 18th 2008 Tagged teeth in Dental Care
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Izadore (Izzie)

Hopefully what she lost were baby teeth. Make sure you check her gums for signs of redness, swelling and/or bleeding. Adult teeth usually take a few weeks to pop through, just like us. Sometimes the adult teeth will push out the baby teeth or you'll see two teeth (a baby tooth and an adult tooth) in what looks like one "hole" or socket. If she's chewing, then she's most likely teething. I've heard you can give your cat those big rawhide chews like they give dogs, but not if you also have a dog as fights will ensue. If you don't start seeing teeth breaking through the surface soon, you can have your vet check her. He may suggest you "brush" her 'new" teeth. Just a hint: I use flavored toothpaste on a piece of gauze wrapped around my finger. It's much easier than those brushes and cheaper (when you have 6 animals like I do!) than those red brushy finger thingys.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Nov 18th.

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