How do you keep kittens off a wall ledge that they can jump?

Hello, so my 2 6 month old kittens have mastered the leap onto the wall ledge above my staircase, and they are now obsessed with going up there. I take them off, they jump back up and repeat. I've found similar questions but they're regarding open stair banisters and they don't seem to mess around there so that's not an issue but my biggest fear is obviously one of them falling and hurting themselves, anybody have this issue? How did you stop them?
This is the ledge here on the left is where they're jumping. FYI - we learned from the kitchen counter episode tinfoil, saran wrap, etc does not bother them. Help!


Asked by Cairo on Feb 17th 2013 Tagged wall, lede, fall in Health & Safety
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Izadore (Izzie)

Yikes! That's a pretty long drop! A friend of mine handled this situation by installing a large piece of plexi-glass on the side of the ledge where the kittens could fall off. Since cats love to climb and be up high, it's almost impossible to keep them off a ledge like that. You don't want to yell at them b/c you could scare them into falling. Anyway, he attached the plexi-glass to the studs inside the ledge wall with screws. The plexiglass was as long as the ledge and high enough that the cats couldn't jump on top. He also purchased a large, carpeted cat condo and put it in front of his patio doors. The cats would sit there for hours and watch 'cat tv' out the window. When his cats got too big and mature enough not to care about the ledge any longer, he took it down and just patched the screw holes with drywall patch.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Feb 18th.

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My cat does the same thing on top of the sliding glass shower door. He once got stuck inside the shower. My cat really hates water so I give him a little squirt and then I physical pick him up and move him off so he doesn't fall in. After a few times he stopped doing it.

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