how do you get a standoffish cat to be more affectionate?

Asked by Bella on Sep 16th 2009 Tagged standoffish in Behavior & Training
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Do you mean Bella? A standoffish Ragdoll? That's odd. I can't get Maggie to stop loving on me. LOL But my Himalayan Chelsea is like that. I know she loves me and sometimes she comes to me for cuddles but it has to be on her terms. All you can do is encourage closeness without making her feel forced into it. Offer treats in exchange for a cuddle, but let her go when she pulls away. Play with her and spend as much time as possible encouraging contact. Brush her and show her how good human touch feels. But some cats just have that attitude and she may never change. I just take what I can get from Chelsea. And if she does ask for attention, I always drop what I am doing and give it to her.

Maggie answered on 9/17/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Big Ears

I agree with Maggie. I am currently working on a cat like that now. He's a sweet little baby boy about 5 months old. The females that are the same age are very lovable and love attention. But he is more shy than them.

When I see him I will pet him and love on him as much as he will allow, which isn't much. When I pick him up he'll let me hold him and pet him for maybe about 30 seconds then wants down.

Just her attention when she wants it and as much as she can stand it. Give her treats in trade of letting you pet and love on her. While she's eating it pet her if she lets you. She'll come around eventually it may take a lot of time though. Good luck!

Big Ears answered on 10/16/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer