How do we integrate 4 cats from different homes?

I have two cats- a Adult male and a 9 month female. They get along fine and are very affectionate to each other. My partner and I just moved back home and the adult male here does not get along with our male, but is ok with our female (mainly cause she can run fast when he chases). we have had to fence the house off and take turns letting them out- nightmare! We have tried letting them see each other but the aggressive male is still not relaxing. Is there something we can do to start over as this has been going on for 1 month with no success. Thanks any advise would be appreciated :)

Asked by Member 828559 on Apr 20th 2009 Tagged male, integration in Aggression
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If the aggressive male is not fixed that will help. Otherwise keep them separated and get a couple of Feliway diffusers which helps calm cats and make them less aggressive. When you start the introductions make sure there are extra litter boxes and multiple food/water dishes to avoid confrontation.

If the Feliway is not enough to reduce the agression you should talk to your vet about Amitriptyline or similar drug. This is like a kitty prozac type drug that is used for anti-anxiety and agression issues.

When I got Petra she was 8 years old but had been an only cat living with people/dogs since she was a small kitten and had never been with other cats. She was scared and very aggressive with other cats and Feliway etc was not enough with her. Since she's been on Amitriptyline she's been much less aggressive with my other cats - just a bit of hissing rather than chasing and fighting. Once she's used to the other cats and relaxed we'll be able to wean her off the meds.

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I just wanted to clarify that amitriptyline and Prozac are both antidepressants designed for humans. Amitriptyline (often sold under the name Elavil) is a tri-cyclic antidepressant that has been around for ages, and Prozac (fluoxetine) is an SSRI antidepressant. For some reason, antidepressants seem to work in with some behavioral issues in cats. If one doesn't work, the other might--different people react differently to the various anti-depressants on the market, and I assume this is true for cats as well.

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