How do I train my kitten to sleep instead of playing around on my bed?

When I go to sleep sometime my kitten just won't seem to understand that I want to sleep. I sometimes stare at him and he jumps at me and tries to scratch my face. All I want is to sleep and he doesn't seem to get that at all.

Asked by Lucas on Nov 23rd 2011 Tagged sleep, play, energetic, irritating in Scratching
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When we brought Mikey home, he was very scared at first. The first night he cried and roamed a lot. I have a blackout blind in my room, and I made sure no light got through anywhere else, so it was as dark as I could make it. Then, hard as it seems, you have to ignore everything and anything they do that isn't actually life-threatening. A thick duvet will protect against claws, we found! (Unfortunately Mikey came to us in summer, so this was easier said than done...) The kitten probably wants attention and any reaction will simply spur it to act the same again. Mikey gradually settled down as he got happier and more comfortable and got over missing his mum.

You could try also playing with the kitten a lot early in the evening - tiring a kitten out isn't easy but a lot of attention then may forestall its need to seek it later on.

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