how do i tell what type cat i have?

how do i tell what type of cat i have? he looks like a siamese, but hes really long, and has a VERY long tail!! hes light gray on the body and on the head. hes dark gray on his paws, hears, tail and some on around his nose and eyes. his mother had 7 kittens in his litter and i kept him and his sister, but his sister is way smaller, and doesnt have a long tail. i went online and someone said hes probably a mixed cat. i wanted to know whats he mixed with. please answer!!

Asked by Member 1069349 on Nov 8th 2011 in Breeds
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With grey colorpoint markings, you definately have Siamese genetic heritage. Grey markings would suggest a blue or lilac point cat. Your blue eyes attest to your Siamese heritage as well. What colors were your siblings? You look very close to a Siamese to me, but if you are a mix, it would be with your neighborhood type of generic cat-a no breed or a mixed breed. Yet you look entirely Siamese to me. I am not an expert on Siamese or colorpoint cats, but I would like to know the coloration of your littermates.

Lola answered on 11/8/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer