How do I tell if dry food is too hard for my cat to chew?

I have an elderly cat. He's 14. He eats dry food. I have tried him out on wet food several times, but he only takes a couple of bites, then lets it sit and dry out.

Anyway, I have been wondering if the dry food is getting too hard on his teeth. How do I tell? And what might I feed him that won't be so hard on his teeth?

Asked by Member 1016636 on Dec 23rd 2010 Tagged food, elderlycat, hardonteeth in Pet Food
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People have varying opinions about feeding dry food, but one thing is generally considered a fact: even toothless cats can eat dry food. Since your cat is an old guy, forcing him to eat something he doesn't like doesn't seem fair. What you need to do is take him to the vet for a thorough exam. Start with the teeth. He may have some cavities or gum problems that are interfering with his appetite (if it's true that he won't even eat kibble). A general physical/wellness exam, if you haven't had one recently, one with blood tests for liver and kidney function, etc., is in order. If he needs special food for some kind of problem, your vet will let you know. Some vets are into pushing certain brands of prescription foods, which may be expensive. Once you get your guy checked out, you might want to ask the people on the Food and Nutrition Forum on Catster what to feed an elderly cat. Lots of cats live to twenty and beyond, and let's hope your guy will, too.

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Baltster 1990 ~ 2011

Balty is 20 now and he eats dry food aswell as wet food. I say as long as he is eating ok and shows no sign of pain and he has some teeth why not let him eat dry. BTW Balty has all his teeth still. I think the biscuits have helped that, and I know he is 20 because we got him in Oct 1990 at 5 weeks of age.: )

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