How do I prevent my sick cat from being attacked by my roommate's healthy cat?

I moved in 4 months ago with my roommate. I have an 11 yr old male, she has a 2 year old female. When he was healthy their fights/playing was fine. But shortly after integrating them he got sick. He's got chronic kidney disease and complications and he is tired and weak. But she keeps attacking him. Some days he seems really terrorized. I know the environmental stress is making his ckd worse. I interrupt her attacks by yelling of walking over when I'm home, but all that seems to have done is make her a little afraid of me. What can I do short of moving out (I'm in a subsidized housing situation, so moving would mean an extra $400 a month I can't really afford). Ideas?

Asked by Member 1211260 on Jan 29th 2014 Tagged chronickidneydisease, fighting, environmentalstress in Behavior & Training
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Orion Hemingway

You MUST keep them separated. This is an instinctual response of the strong picking on the weak, and the only way to protect him is to keep him in your room when you are not home. Get him a cat tree and some toys and scratchers. He will want to sleep most of the time anyway, and he might not have much time left depending on the progression of the disease. He can be out and about when you are home to watch him. If the girl attacks, pour a glass of water over her head. She'll get the message and go to dry herself off (away from your cat). Please do NOT let them be alone together without supervision, because constantly being attacked will weaken your cat and send him into a health decline. ^_^

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