How do I make my kitten eat wet food?

OK, so, my cat has had kittens for the first time and we are relatively inexperienced owners. We have four kittens. They are one month and a few days old.
One of the kittens, has a genetic problem, so it's being constantly looked after and for the time being (until it undergoes surgery), can only drink milk. Don't worry about him though, he's doing fine - the problem is only until later.

Two others are doing great! They eat soft food when offered, in great amounts, so they are relatively bigger than the other two.

This other one though, only wants to drink milk. He has to start getting used to wet food but will refuse at any cause. We've tried pushing some in his mouth but he just squirms away. He's slowly losing weight.

The question is, how will I get it to eat?

Thank you in advance!

Asked by Yuki on Jun 10th 2014 in Kittens
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Bezalel Tiger

Hello, we remember you a few months ago wanting your kitten to be pregnant at four months old! Now you are trying to force a kitten who's not ready into eating wet food! It will wean when it is ready. If you had not rushed to get your cat preggers, maybe one would not be deformed/sick. You can try different flavors of wet food, or try to mix the wet food with replacement milk powder until it is an oatmeal-like substance. Find an experienced cat breeder to be your mentor or please STOP breeding cats! ^_^

Bezalel Tiger answered on 6/12/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer