How do I keep my kitten from pouncing on my older cat?

I have a female tortie kitten and an adult neutered male. Etta, the kitten, has always wanted to play with Gamzee, my male cat, since I brought her home but Gam doesn't like to play with other cats.

It took him a while to get used to her but now she won't leave him alone, especially at night. She likes to sneak up on him and leap onto him and bite his neck and ears. He hisses at her, yowls, and bats at her face but she just runs away and comes back again. I end up separating them in case it escalates, but lately Gam has come to stay in my room and that was his domain first and I don't want to kick him out but my dogs will follow Etta around and I don't want her to be alone either.

They are capable of being peaceful together! They've slept cuddled up together and he's even groomed her, but she won't stop pouncing on him. Even after playing with one of our puppies all day she'll still go after him at night. Help?

Asked by Gamzee on Jul 6th 2013 Tagged kittens, pouncing, biting, training in Socialization
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Bezalel Tiger

I had the same problem with a new kitten and my older two (ages 7 1/2 and 10). The answer was Bezal... I got him a friend. The older cats looked at me every time he wanted to play like "We just want to sleep; is that okay?" Orion still tortures Bezal on a regular basis- they are 2 1/2 months apart in age. He plays with Panda occasionally also, but he really needed a younger friend at the same energy level. It's funny 7 years later because now they are the age that Panda was when I got them! ^_^

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